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Weapon is a great free online shooting game where you need to protect your brought down Blackhawk helicopter. Set in first individual view, your main goal is to take out propelling foe armed forces before they explode the chopper. You begin just with a gun and a couple of mags, however as you murder aggressors, you can overhaul your weapons. You can purchase new and all the more effective weapons like automatic weapons, rifles, guns. You can likewise purchase projectiles, sharpshooter bolster, and even bring in air bolster.

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The aggressors will assault in waves, with each succeeding wave will come increasingly adversary troops and capability. I recommend bringing out the troops with rocket launchers first as they can accomplish more harm to the Blackhawk helicopter you are attempting to shield. At that point take out the infantry with normal rifles. Watch out for the trucks with automatic rifles. They can pack a punch. Explode them with a projectile.

Subsequent to shielding off a couple of influxes of foe aggressors, you ought to be prepared to redesign your Weapon. I’d recommend setting aside your credits and afterward purchasing the best automatic weapon and purchase a couple of explosives. Additionally, if your Blackhawk helicopter you are attempting to protect is going up against some harm, you can utilize your credits to make repairs to the chopper and in this manner draw out your the game ikan online. Need some additional ground bolster? Contract an expert marksman and insofar as he’s alive, will enable you to shield the Blackjack. Is it accurate to say that you are getting bound and need some genuine capability? For 5000 credits, you can bring in A-10 air support to blow them all to bits. So in the event that you like online Sniper Games, Defense Games, and Shooting games, you should look at the game Weapon. You will be dependent.